Davis, Margerett

ALOB, Vol. X #2, p. 89-18:
“p. 131.  20 Aug. 1848.  I, Margerett Davis, do make this as my last will & testament.  I desire that my executor to pay my just debts & funeral expenses from my estate.  I give to my dtr. Elizabeth Fox one bed & furniture.  I give to my dtr. Margerett Cook one bed & furniture.  I give to my dtr. Martilia Davis one mare, all my hogs, one loom & tackle, one spinning wheel large, one small wheel, one bed & furniture, my big Bible and all other books, the cupboard, two tables, all my chairs with the kitchen furniture.  I give to my granddaughter Eliza Clark one cow & calf, one bed & furniture.  I give to my son James Davis one dollar.  I desire that the remainder of my property be sold and the money divided amongst Elizabeth Fox, Washington Davis, Wm. Davis, heirs Margerett Cook, Elizabeth Clark and Martilia Davis so that each to share equal.
I appoint Wm. M. Clark as executor.
Wit:  Wm. M. Garmon, Jurett, & Erwin Sluder, Jurett..
Signed Margerett X Davis..
Proved by the oath of Wm. M. Garmon & Erwin Sluda in open court this Oct. Term 1848 & the
named executor was qualified..  Alex. Henry, clk..”

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