Davis, John

ALOB, Vol. VIII #10, p. 87-150:
“p. 91.  10 march 1820..  I, John Davis, being of sound mind & memory.  I give 100 acres of land lying on the north side of French Broad River, two mares, four head of cattle, one riffle[sic] gun, four steel traps and three plows to be equally divided amongst my four children to wit, Betsey, Washington, William and Peggy as near as can be without a sale.  I give unto Jacob Hatcher one year old colt on condition that he will live with and support his mother until he shall arrive to the age of twenty one years. 
I appoint my friend Joseph F. Britten as executor. 
Wit; John X Bridges..
Signed John Davis.. 
July term 1843..  The foregoing will was proven by oath of Henry Waggoner, John Porr[sic] and E.H. Henry and ordered to be recorded. N. Harrison, Clk..”

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