Davis, Barlett

ALOB, Vol. VIII #10, p. 87-150:
“p. 93.  29 July 1843..  I, [Barlett Davis] will unto my beloved wife Elizabeth during her life time or widowhood all my personal property of one negro named Jack, the proceeds of my plantation on Beaverdam and where Benj. Smith lives, my household and kitchen furniture my mare & colt.  Smith to have the place rent free during my wife life time and at her death the property to be equally divided among all my chn.  Which is Delila Morgan, the heirs of Elmira Noles, Melinda Calihan, Naran Smith, Hiram W. Davis, Elizabeth Penland, Soloman W. Davis, Rebecca Culberson and I appoint Hiram W. Davis & Barten T. Culberson as executors. 
Wit; Alex McFee and Harriet McFee.. 
Sgn. Barlet X Davis.. 
Jan. term 1844.  The foregoing will was proven in open court by the oath of Alex McFee and admitted of record..  N. Harrison, Clk.”

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