Curtis, Benjamin

ALOB, Vol. XI #7, p. 90-63:
“p. 225..  3 May 1860..  I, Benjamin Curtis, of Buncombe County, residing on waters of South Hominy Creek now in the 74 year of age, but in good health and of sound mind & memory.  I desire my body to be decently intered at the Pisgah Meeting House to rest in the ground until with humble reliance on the mercy of God through our Lord Jesus Christ.  I trust it will arise on the last day to the resurrection of the just..  After my just debts & funeral expenses are paid and as several of my [sic] are married and have received land and other property as advancement, I will mention the property and to whom.  To my son Madison Curtis land on South Hominy & a horse, bridle & saddle to the amount of $300..  To my son Benjamin J. Curtis land on North Hominy where he now lives & a horse & saddle to the amount of $300..  To my son Jackson Curtis lands on North Hominy, a horse to the amount of $300.  To my son John Curtis a horse and cow worth $75..  To my dtr. Elizabeth A. Davis wife of Henly Davis one bed & furniture, one cow and other item of furniture worth $33..  To my son Thomas Curtis one horse & one heifer worth $85..  To my son Washington now single one horse and stock hog worth $65..  To my son Joshua a horse & money worth $175.95 all the above advancement I now confirm.. I will to my daughter-in-law Aveline Curtis wife of my son Amos Curtis the use & control of the land where she now lives on North Hominy joining and above Benjamin Curtis Jr. & below John Smathers until her eldest dtr. Mary A. Curtis & dtr. of my son Amos arrives at the age of twenty-one years of age, then the said Aveline Curtis widow of my deceased son Amos Curtis to use & control and profits of one third part of the said tract of land during her life time.. I also will & desire to my two grand daughters named Mary and Martha chn. of my late son Amos Curtis the last mentioned land, subject to the last provision above named also each to have $10 each.. I also will to my grand children of my son John Curtis $10 each..  I will to my son Jackson Curtis decd. five chn. the sum of $10 each..  I will to my son Joshua Curtis $150..  I will to my son Washing(ton) Curtis & his heirs forever a part of my homestead tract lying on the NE side of the creek, (land described) supposed to be 75 acres and worth $200, I also will to Washington Curtis the sum of $35 to be paid as my son Joshua Curtis.  I will to my son Thomas Curtis a tract of land containing 100 & lying on Curtis Creek & known as the Gooden Land on which he now lives, I also give to Thomas the West end of a tract of land, lying West of the above named tract & west of the Still House Branch to him & his heirs forever, for a total of 110 acres and worth about $225..  I will & devise to my beloved wife Delela during her lifetime, all that tract of land lying on the South side Curtis Creek & West of James Morgan lands, also a horse, a cow & calf, all my household and kitchen furniture during her life time, except the family books, they are to be divided among my wife and children, My daughter is to have the family Bible..  I will to my two daughters Elizabeth Davis the wife of Henly Davis and Mary Curtis to them & their heirs forever all that tract of land I have left to their mother after her death with all household & kitchen furniture..  I desire that my executor to sell all other land that I have not heretofore given to my children with the pershable[sic] property, with the debts due to me and money on hand to pay my debts & funeral expenses and the residue to be equally divided among sons, Madison, Benjamin, Washington, Thomas, dtrs. Elizabeth Davis and Mary Curtis..
I appoint my sons Benjamin & Thomas Curtis as executors..
Wit:  Samuel B. Gudger & James M. Morgan..
Signed Benjamin Curtis…”

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