Cowan, Jesse Tinsley Family Bible

Jesse Tinsley Cowan's Family Bible
People's Standard Edition of the Holy Bible
Copyright Date Unknown
Jesse T. Cowan was born Jan. 15 day 1849
Mary M. Cowan was born Oct. 9 day 1838
John V. A. Cowan was born Aprile 12 day 1869
William R. C. Cowan born Sept. 23 day the 1870
James C. G. Cowan born Oct. 5 day 1872
Alonso W. G. Cowan born Febury 14 day 1875
Hester C. L. Cowan born Oct. 18 day 1877
David C. Eugine Cowan born August 1 day 1881
Jesse T. Cowan Mary M. Boyd was married 11 day May 18 1868 by the Rev. John Reynolds.
William R. Cowan Clara Williams was married 6 day August 1899
Guss Cowan Emeline King was married 18 day August 1901
Eugene Cowan Nannie Proest was married 25 January 1903
 *On the bottom of the Marriages page are listed the following births - no parents shown.
William Pursey Cowan was born April 29 1903
Porter Eugene Cowan was born the 4 day of August 1902
Herbert Cowan was born 7 day of April 1906
Lonna W. G. Cowan died 7 day of Aprile 1888 on Saturday
Mary M Cowan died 11 day of February 1908 on Tuesday
DEATHS  continued
Harrol Cowan died 27 day of August 1909 on Friday
Guss Baby
Lissie L. Cowan died 26 day of October 1909 on Tuesday
Connie Baby
Herbert Cowan died 10 September 1910 on Saturday
John ?. A. Cowan died 29th day of September 1913 on Monday
[Spellings are as they appear in the Bible.]
The Bible is in the possession of E. Joyce McCorkle, 1375 Calais Avenue, Livermore, CA.  94550. EMAIL Address -  She is Jesse Tinsley Cowan's Great granddaughter.

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