Cole, Jesse

ALOB, Vol. VIII #6, p. 87-83:
“p. 61.  6 Feb. 1838..  I, Jesse Cole, being in a common state of health and of sound mind & memory.  After my just debts are paid, I give to my beloved wife Martha all the land premises where I now live with all the land from the first cross fence above the house that Joshua Cole formerly lived in a straight line to the outside line during her natural life, with $200 worth of stock as she may select, with all household & kitchen furniture to possess during her life time the ballance[sic] of the personal property to be sold and the money equally divided between my five dtrs. Sarah Wagenor, Meree Roberts, Susanah Ball, Caroline Roberts & Mary Cole.  Also after the death of my wife what stock & household furniture she may have to be sold and $5 given to my elder son Mathew Cole and the ballance divided among my five dtrs.  I give unto my two sons John & William Cole all my tract of land called the Gregery Tract for them to possess for ever.  John Cole to have the South side of the Creek with William Cole the North side.  I also give unto John & William Cole 100 acres of land called the Sager Cove, and the third part of the 50 acres joining the land of George Penland now lives on.  I give unto my son Jeremiah Cole that part of my land from the line designated in the first item, of this will including the lower part and where Joshua Cole formerly lived.  I give unto my son Thomas J. Cole the land on the North side of the Creek.  I give unto my son James M. Cole all that part of my land on the South side of the Creek including the dwelding[sic] house at the same line and at the second place that was given unto my son Thomas J. Cole. 
I appoint Jacob Weaver as executor.. 
Wit; L. Palmer & Thomas J. Cole, Jurat. 
Jesse X. Cole.. 
Proven in open court on oath of Thomas J. Cole, July Session 1839…”

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