Cochran, William

ALOB, Vol. VIII #7, p. 87-99:
“p. 71.  10 April 1841..  I, William Cochran, being very weak in body, but of perfect mind & memory.  I give unto my two youngest sons Moses & Nathaniel 200 acres of land, 100 acres where we now live, the other tract adjoining Swan Cochran.  I give unto my two daughters Jestin & Harriett 100 acres of land where on a trashing machine now stands called the Baseter tract to be equally divided between them.  I give unto my dtr. Clara Rodgers one cow & calf.  I give unto my two little grandchildren, children of E.B. Prayton a two year old cow brute a piece.  I give unto my son Swan $5 and the balance of my property of stock, land, household & kitchen furniture I give unto Moses, Nathaniel, Jestin and Harriett, they are to take care of their mother and support her decently out of the same and I hereby make ordain Moses & Nathaniel Cochran executors.
Wit; Thomas H. Burnett & E.B. Prayton..
Signed William X Cochran..
Proved on oath of E.B. Prayton in July Session 1841..”

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