Coche, Joseph

ALOB, Vol. X #2, pp. 89-17 & 89-18:
“p. 130.  26 April 1847.  I, Joseph Coche, being of sound mind & memory.  It is my will that my beloved wife Desire Coche to carry on my business as it now is or dispose of my estate in what manner that she thinks most proper.  I desire that all my just debts to be paid including notes due William Patton for which I have given a deed of trust on part of my property dated 16 Oct. 1845 to James Patton for the use of William Patton to be paid out of my estate as they come due.  I give to my beloved wife Desire Coche all my property both real & personal after my debts are paid.  I also desire that my wife to raise & educate my children until they come of age in the manner that she may think proper, suite[sic] her convenients[sic].
I appoint my beloved wife Desire Coche as sole executrix.
Wit; R.V. Blackstock, W.T. Coleman, Jurett & Hugh Johnson, Jurett..
Signed J. Coche..
Proved by the oath of W.T. Coleman & Hugh Johnston in open court this Oct. Term 1848 & Madam Desire Coche qualified as executrix, Alex Henry, clk..”

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