Chandler, Zachariah, Senr.

ALOB, Vol IX #3, p. 88-30 & 88-31:
“p. 116.  I, Zachariah Candler, Senr. being sick & low but of sound mind. First I desire that my just debts be paid out of my estate..  I lend to my wife Polly Candler during her natural life or widowhood the house & plantation whereon I now live including the Arch Black place on the mouth of Rush branch containing 1000 acres on both sides of French Broad River, also all my stock of all kinds & household & kitchen furniture & the working tools.  It is my desire that all my sons Thomas Jefferson Candler, decd. chn. that is Charles Newton Pyron Candler, Zachariah Mann Candler, James Madison Candler, George Washington Candler, Thomas Jefferson Candler, Eliza Candler shall live with my wife until they arrive to lawful age & be maintained on the proceeds of the land and stock, with Elizabeth Roberds a bound girl to me..  It is my desire that my dtr. Lucinda Candler may live with her mother until she marrys[sic] if they can agree & I give her one cow & calf & one feather bed & furniture & one black walnut chest & one horse beast worth fifty dollars.  It is my desire that my obligation to the County Court of Buncombe as respects to the above named bound children that are bound to me should be fully complied with..  It is my desire that after all my just debts are paid off that the remaining part of my estate be equally divided amongst my children that are then living & those that are dead their heirs to get their part except the land and stock & furniture all other to my wife for the support of her & the children & at her death or marriage then sell all the land and remaining household & kitchen furniture & stock of all kinds and working tools that she may have or hold or divide it as it may seem best amongst the heirs.  I appoint George W. Candler, Charles Moore, David Tarensworth of Buncombe County & James R. Love of Haywood County as executors.  Wit:  Charles N.P. Candler, J. Baird, Juratt.  Signed, Zachariah Candler..  NB.  It is my will that my executors sell off as much of my land estate as will pay my just debts. 
Wit:  James L. McRee, J. Baird, Juratt,
Charles N.P. Candler.. 
Signed Zachariah Candler.. 
Proved in open Court by the oath of J. Baird.  Dec. term 1845 & admitted to record..”

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