Chambers, John

ALOB, Vol. VIII #10, p. 87-150:
“p. 94.  22 Dec. 1843..  [John Chambers] Being sorely afflicted in body but of sound mind & disposing memory.  I bequeath my soul to God who gave it being and my body to the dust to be interred in the burying ground at Flat Creek Baptist Meeting House in a plain and decent manner.  It is my will and desire that all my just debts should be paid first out of the estate and especially $5 which I owe the Bible Society if not paid before.  I will that my wife Rebecca Chambers shall enjoy and possess all my estate during her natural life or widowhood, and not to bestow on one child more than another, and whatever she may give to one let that be considered as part of my estate.  At my wife death or marriage the land whereon I now live to be divided between my sons William R. and John G. Chambers.  Should my wife marry she shall share as one of my dtrs.  My personal property to be sold at sale at the best price and the money equally divided among my seven dtrs. and wife if she should remarry.  Dtrs. named, Glory A., Cyntha E., Mary E., Rebecca C., Rachall S., Harriet A. and Margaret S. Chambers to be paid over to them as they come of age or marry. 
I constitute and appoint my beloved brother William Chambers and my friend N. Blackstock, Esq. my executors. 
Wit; Adam Eller, Juratt and Thomas G. Roberts, Juratt.. 
Signed John Chambers.. 
Jan. term 1844.  The foregoing will was proven in open court by oath of Adam Eller and Thos. O. Roberts and admitted of record.  N. Harrison.  by M.M. Patton D. Clk.”

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