Carver, Joseph

ALOB, Vol. X #7, p. 89-67:
“p. 167.  23 May 1854..  I, Joseph Carver, being of sound mind & memory but being advanced in age do make this as my last will & testament.  I will & bequeath to my beloved wife Christena all my household & kitchen furniture except one bureau which belongs to my daughter Sarah, one horse, fifteen head of sheep, fifteen head of hogs, three head of cattle & all moveable effects during her natural life & at her death to be equally divided among her children.  I desire that my son Jacob to take my land I bought on Little Sandy Mush & pay for it and live on the same and maintain my wife Christena and all the family that is unmarried until they see fit to leave or come of age.
Wit; James Lowrey & A.C. Robeson..
Signed Joseph X Carver..
Court of Pleas & Quarter sessions Jan. term 1857.   The execution of this will was duly proven in open court by the oath of James Lowrey & ordered to be recorded.. See Minutes 9 Jan. 1855.  R.B. Vance…  Clk..”

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