Carter, Jesse

ALOB, Vol. VIII #6, p. 87-82:
“p. 56.  10 Jan. 1838..  Nuncupative will of Jesse Carter in presents[sic] of Thomas Revis, Elizabeth Revis and Nancy Carter.  Decd. desire was that Thomas Revis should take care of his family.  He directed his wife to bring what money he had on hand to be brought out which was in three parcels amounting to $663.50 which he desired to be put at interest for the use of his family, he also desired that the debts owing to him to be between $250 & $300 to be put at interest for the family, if more than the family needed the over to be given to his wife, the property he wish to be divided among the children as they come of age, giving Nathan a criple[sic] a larger share than the rest he being one of the children by the first wife..  On the 11th of the same month two days before in presents[sic] of Milly Roberts & his wife he told Mr. Riley Roberts he wished his wife to have the milk cows and the use of the horses and his hogs.  He wished his wife to have the Old tract of land containing 100 acres all the rest of land to be sold and he wished that Nathan to have a little more than the rest.  The rest of the cattle to be sold and the money placed at interest for the family and he wished the children schooled. 
Proved in open Court & approved in due form of law.  Feb. Session 1838. 
The will was proved on oath of Milly Roberts, Mr. Rily Roberts, Thomas Revis & Elizabeth Revis and ordered to be recorded. 
N. Harrison..  “

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