Cantrell, Louisa (Brown)

submitted by Stephanie Jo (Brown) Sunde and Mary M. (Nieblas) Brown
Louisa Brown (1856-1940), a native of Buncombe County, was the first born of William Burton and Mary Catherine (Spain) Brown. On June 15, 1873 in Buncombe County, she married Charles “Charlie” Edward Cantrell (1844-1903). The couple is buried at Oak Grove Cemetery, Brevard. Oral family history says that a Cantrell stowed away on a ship from Ireland, got caught, and was forced to work his passage.
Louisa and Charlie had eight children:

1. Mollie Cantrell (1875-1929) was born in Leicester, NC. On December 24, 1893, she married Thomas Lafayette “Fate” Snelson (1872-1943). Fate was a Brevard policeman and former member of the Board of Aldermen, he too was born in Leicester. Mollie and Thomas both died in Brevard and are buried at Oak Grove Cemetery.
2. Lula Daisy Cantrell married James William Hayes (1868-1940) on March 9, 1894.
3. John O. Cantrell (1880-1958) married Cecilie “Celia” Louise Snelson (1882-1971). The couple is buried at Oak Grove Cemetery, Brevard.
4. Grace Cantrell (1882-1937) married Elliott Monroe Redden, a native of Henderson County and the son of M.C. Redden. Elliott, a truck farmer, was born in 1871 and fell dead while cutting wood near his home on Hebron Street in Hendersonville on January 9, 1936. The couple is buried at Mud Creek Baptist Cemetery.
5. Carrie Belle Cantrell (1882-1951) was born and raised in Transylvania County. On August 12, 1906, she married Harvey Garfield Rogers in Henderson County. Harvey a railroad worker, was born February 22, 1880 and died April 17, 1959. The couple is buried at Oak Grove Cemetery, Brevard.
6. Millie Cantrell married Radford Nickolson.
7. Allie Cantrell (1892-1951) married Herschel L. Wilson (1893-1933) on May 19, 1917. The couple is buried at Oak Grove Cemetery, Brevard.
8. Claude C. Cantrell (1891-1956) was born at Brevard and died in Asheville. On April 3, 1913, in Brevard, he married Annie Garren (1892-1957), the daughter of Charles Garren. The couple is buried at Lewis Memorial Park, Beaverdam Rd., Asheville.

from Heritage II, article #112, p. 128

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