Burnett, Nancy Jane Bible Records

Published in New York by Sheldon, Blakeman & Co., 1856
These bible records are located in the vertical file at OBCGS and are copied exactly as written. The submitter is not noted on these records. Bettie Albright
1st page

Willard O. Gragg was bornd  Dec the 17 1876
Sarah M. Gragg was bornd Julie the 3 1879
Allen A. Gragg was bornd Julie the 26 1881
F.E. Gragg was bornd May the 21 1885
Shebly H. Gragg was bornd August the 16 1888
Homer Gragg  was born Aug 16 1888

2nd page

Nancy Burnett deceased April the 30 1866
Margaret Burnett deceased March the 31st 1870
E. Burnett deceast March the 26 1880
Alford Burnett departed this life April the 18 1883
Mary Gragg was born April the 29 1805
Allen Gragg was born January the 29 1807
Nancy Jane Gregg died Feb 15 1817

3rd page

Alfred Burnett was married March 5th 1842
Rebecca Creasman was married July 15th 1863
T.W. Burnett was married Nov 20th 1867
Berry Burnett was married December the 15th 1872
Willard Gragg was born December the 17 1876
Sabina Gragg was born Sept 1877
G.W. Clement was married to Sarah E. Barnett October the 19 1879
Willard Gragg and Sabina Ballard was married
May the 24 1894
April 7 1938

4th page

Alfred Burnett was born August 5th 1818
Nancy Burnett was born June 25the 1822
T. W. Burnett was born Dec 12th 1843
Rebecca M. Burnett was born Nov 15th 1845
Nancy J. Burnett was born Feb 8th 1848
Berry Burnett was born July 25th 1851
Alfred Burnett was born August 27th 1853
Sarah E. Burnett was born June 25th 1855
Eldridge Burnett was born Dec 7th 1857
Isabel L. Burnett was born Dec the 27 1859
Swan O. Burnett was born July 15th 1867
John A. Clement was borned Oct the 3 1881
Orron Osco Burnett was born June the 1 1875
Bertha Lee Clement was born Feb the 6 1880
Georgie M. Burnett was borned May the 24 1892

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