Burlison, Edward

ALOB, Vol. VIII #7, p. 87-99:
“p. 72.  16 Jan. 1841..  I, Edward Burlison, being sick of body but of perfect mind & memory.  I give unto my present & beloved wife Polly Burlison and her heirs all of the old McKissick tract of land from John Greenwood land up to the tract that my son Isaac Burlison lately lived on, I also give them $100 to be paid out of the balance of my property and the household and kitchen furniture and one year provisions to be laid out on the day of the sale for her use & family.  I desire that the balance of the land & the other personal property to be sold & after paying my just debts the balance to be divided among my first wife chn. viz. Margaret Coats, Polly Dillingham, Isaac Burlison, Rebecca Carter, D.W. Burlison, Jane Williams, Jackson Burlison, Washington Burlison, Anderson Burlison and Elizabeth Burlison and I ordain & appoint my friend & son-in-law Gabriel G. Coats & Edward Carter executors. Wit; John Brigman, Jurat & Madison Greenwood Jurat.. 
Signed Edward Burlison.. 
Proved on oath of Madison Greenwood in the Feb. Session 1841..”

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