Buckner Bible Records


These records are found in the vertical files at OBCGS and are copied exactly as found. There is no indication as to who transcribed this face sheet of a Bible or when this information was accumulated. — Bettie Albright


S.M. Buckner, born April 2, 1847. L. J. Kuykendall born April 11 1848

Stephen M Buckner and Louisa Jane Kuykendall were Married Feb 13, 1879 at Morgan Hill NC

Sallie Amizetta Buckner  was born Mch 30, 1871
Lavina Hazeltine Buckner was born Oct 2 1872
Pollie Loretta Buckner was born Mch 10 1874
Emmett Franklin Buckner was born Jan 8 1876
James Marion Buckner was born Nov 6 1877
Susanah Buckner was born Oct 5 1879
Ida Eloise Buckner was born April 29 1882
Stephen Garfield Buckner was born May 13 1884
Lula Delino Buckner was born April 5 1888


S. M. Buckner died April 14 1914
Louisa J Buckner died March 6 1935
Lavinia H. Buckner Cole  died Spring 1901 (or 1909)
Sallie A. Buckner Martin  died June 1941
Garfield Buckner died Sept 1943
Pollie L. Buckner Fore died Jan 1945
James Marion Buckner  died Dec 3 1948
Emmett F. Buckner died Aug 24, 1950

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