Brittain, William & Rachael (Brank)

Generation 2
William Brittain, son of Joseph & Jemina Brittain, was born February 7, 1762 in Orange County, North Carolina [now Rowan County], and died after 1840 in Buncombe County, North Carolina. He married Rachael Brank, daughter of Peter Brank.
Children of William Brittain and Rachael Brank are: . i. Joseph Brittain, b. 1788; d. 1840.
ii. Robert Brittain, b. before 1810; d. Aft 1818.
iii. William Brittain, JR, b. before 1817; d. after 1850.
iv. Elizabeth Brittain, b. Bef 1840.
v. George Brittain, b. before 1840.
vi. Jane Brittain, b. before 1840.
vii. Priscilla Brittain, b. before 1840.
viii. Rachael Brittain, b. before 1840.
ix. Samuel Brittain, b. before 1840.
Generation No. 3
2. Joseph Brittain was born 1788, and died 1840. He married Huldah Warner 1810 in Shelbyville, Tennessee.
Children of Joseph Brittain and Huldah Warner are: i. Rachael Brittain.
ii. John Calvin Brittain.
iii. Avaline Brittain, b. 1812; d. 1891.
iv. Emily Brittain, b. 1815.
v. A. Hanson Brittain, b. 1820, North Carolina; d. 1864. He married Lydia Mary
Chambers (1840-1850)
vi. Harriet Brittain, b. 1823.
vii. Joseph Brittain, JR, b. 1824; d. 1861.
viii. Myra Brittain, b. 1825; d. 1891.
ix. William Thaddeus Brittain, b. 1826; d. 1865. He married Margaret Hemphill

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