Brittain, Benjamin Stringfield and his wife Celia Vance

submitted by Shirley (Brittain) Cawyer
Benjamin Stringfield Brittain, son of James Brittain, Sr. and Delilah Stringfield, was born 1793 in Buncombe Co, NC, and died 19 Aug. 1864 in Cherokee Co, NC. He married 20 May 1817, Buncombe Co. to Celia Vance, born 1795, Buncombe Co. and died 22 May, 1879, Cherokee Co, NC. She was a daughter of Col. David Vance and his wife, Priscilla Brank of Buncombe Co. Both Benj. S. and Celia (Vance) Brittain are buried in the Harshaw Chapel Cemetery, Cherokee Co, NC.
Benjamin S. Brittain was sheriff of Buncombe Co. from 1817-1822. He moved to Haywood Co. in 1823 and bought land from his brother-in-law Ellis Edwards. This land was located on Pigeon River. Benjamin served in the House of Commons from Haywood County from 1827-1829, and in the Senate from Macon Co. from 1832-1835. He served in the Mexican War. Many deeds are recorded in Buncombe, Haywood, Macon and Cherokee Counties, NC for him.Children of Benjamin Stringfield and Celia (Vance) Brittain:

1. Ann Catherine Brittain, b. 20 March 1819, Buncombe Co, NC; d. 4 Feb.
1905, Cherokee Co. Married in Cherokee Co, 4 April 1843 to Ambrose
Mauney, b. 23 Oct 1817, Lincoln Co, NC; d. 3 July 1874. Both are
buried in the Harshaw Chapel Cemetery, Cherokee Co, NC.
2. Priscilla A. Brittain, b. 20 March 1821, Buncombe Co; m. 14 Nov. 1843
to G.N. Bean.
3. Benjamin Franklin Brittain, b. 24 Feb. 1825, Haywood Co, NC; d. 22
Sept. 1847 in the Mexican War.
4. Marcus Lafayette Brittain, b. 1 April 1827, Haywood Co; d. 25 Feb.
1904, Cherokee Co. He married in 1854 to Sarah Catherine
Tennessee, b. 27 May 1835, Burke Co, NC; d. after 1900, Cherokee
Co, NC. Catherine was a daughter of David and Catherine
Hennessee of Cherokee Co.
5. Julius Wilson Brittain, b. 9 May 1829, Macon Co, NC; d. 8 April 1899,
Cherokee Co. He served in the Civil War. He married 1st to
Elizabeth (?) and had issue. He married 2nd to Nancy Taylor, age 35,
in Cherokee Co, NC, 17 Feb. 1887.
6. Celia D. (Delilah?) Brittain, b. 29 April 1835, Macon Co, NC; d. 26 Sept.
1865, Cherokee Co, NC.
7. Weldon E. Brittain, b. 24 Feb. 1837, Macon Co, NC; d. 27 May 186_? at
Lynchburg, VA. C.S.A.
8. William Thomas Brittain, b. 3 December 1839, Cherokee Co, NC; d. 8
January 1850, Cherokee Co, NC.

–ALOB, September 1984, Vol. V, #9, p. 84-83 thru 85

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