Brevard, James

ALOB, Vol. X #2, pp. 89-16 & 89-17:
“p. 126.  25 May 1846..  I, James Brevard, being of sound mind & memory.  I will that all my just debts be paid.  I will that my beloved wife have all the land which I now own & all live stock of every kind & tools also all household & kitchen furniture during her life or widowhood.  I have already given my son Thomas a horse and have made my son Zebulon equal with Thomas by giving him his freedom at an early age and I will that my other sons Joseph, David & James have a horse of the value I gave to Thomas as they come of age if my wife can spare them.  I will that my dtrs Nancy, Harritt, Celia, Margaret & Mahaley each to have a cow & calf a bed & furniture as my wife can spare them.  At my wife death or marriage the land & tools be equally divided amongst my sons by sale or allotment as may be agreeable and the other property to be equally divided among my daughters.
I appoint my wife Ruth & my son Thomas as executors.
Wit:  Joshua Whitaker & Jasper Ashworth, Jurrett..
Signed James Brevard..
Proved by the oath of Jasper Ashworth in open court Oct. term 1847 & same time qualified Ruth Brevard & Thomas Brevard as executors.  Alex. Henry..”

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