Boyd, James

ALOB, Vol. X #5, pp. 89-48 & 89-49:
“p. 156.  12 Dec. 1840..  I, James Boyd, being of sound & disposing mind and memory, but being advanced in age.  First I desire that my beloved wife Rachael shall have all my estate both real and personal with all my household property, debts & moveable effects for and during her natural life.  At the death of my beloved wife Rachael I will & bequeath to my son Robert Boyd, forever all that part of my land which I bought from Mr. Samuel W. Davidson also three negroes viz:  Henry, Lucinda & Adolphus and one half of all my other property.  After the death of my beloved wife Rachael, I give to the children lawfully begotten by my son James B. Boyd which then may be living, forever, all the balance of my land which I bought from John Robeson & Peter Mason also four negroes viz:  Dorcus, Martha, Anderson & Ben.  Also one half of my other property to be equally divided amongst them.  I appoint my friend James Lowery & Alexander Robeson as executors.
Wit:  James M. Lowery, Juret & John Wells..
Signed James Boyd..

CODICIL..  I, James, Boyd, do make this as a codicil to my last will & testament dated 12 Dec. 1840 I will & desire that the negro woman Darcus, after the death of my wife Rachael, shall be under the care & protection of the children of my son James B. Boyd and my son Robert Boyd & I do hereby desire & enjoin them in consideration of the faithfulness in which the said Darcus has served me & my family, to suffer & permit her to live on some part of the land given to my son Robert Boyd & to
enjoy the benefits of her own labor as a free woman uninterrepted[sic] by him the said Robert or any other person, further to protect her from aggression of others.
This 24 April 1846..  Wit; George Deboard & J.M. Lowery, Juret..
Signed James Boyd..
Proved in open court by the oath of J.M. Lowery in the Jan. Term 1853.  James Boyd was deceased at the proving of this codicil, R.B. Vance”

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