Bourden, Jane S.

ALOB, Vol.  VIII #9, p. 87-130:
“p. 85.  6 Sept. 1842..  Asheville, NC…  “I hereby certify and declare that on my suggestion to Mrs. Jane S. Bourden already very feeble and hardly able to speak audibly she this day declared her wish that a negro servant Sophia now in her possession together with her personal property as clothing, etc. should be at her expected death the property of her daughter Virginia now residing with her in the family of Mr. Jackson in this village… 
Witness my hand..  John Dickson.” 
October Term 1842..  The foregoing was duly proven in open court by oath of John Dickson a subscribing witness thereto and Joseph Cashe who was present as appears more fully from the minutes of said court and admitted to record..  Eliza. M. Tate. Dpty. Clk.”

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