Ball, Joel

ALOB, Vol. IX #3, p. 88-32:
“p. 121.  1 Aug. 1843.  I, Joel Ball am seized & possessed of a small free hold & other personal property & having several small chn. I therefore give unto my wife Elizabeth all my land, personal property and household furniture to sell and dispose of as she thinks best to maintain & educate the chn. when they come of age the said property to be equally divided between them as she thinks best. 
Wit:  D.E. Freeman, Juratt, George Docky, Russel X Shoemaker,
William X Lain, Jurat.. 
Signed Joel Ball.. 
Proved in open court by the oath of D.E. Freeman & William Lain the April term 1846 & admitted to record.. Alex Henry, clk..”

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