Baird, Rebecca

BOOK C: Page 302.
The will of Rebecca Baird
State of North Carolina
County of Buncombe
I, Rebecca Baird, widow of Joseph C. Baird and now residing at Alexander in the State and County aforesaid. Hereby revoking all others made by me, do make, publish and declare this my last will and testament….that my body be buried beside the grave of my husband in the cemetery at Alexander Chapel….all my property etc. over to my special friend, Theodore F. Davidson in a special trust in confidence to be held and employed by him for the following uses and purposes and none other….establish a trust that will be paid to the Grand Masonic Lodge of North Carolina…with dividend and profits going to the Oxford Assembly and Orphanage….appoint eh said Theodore F. Davidson the executor of this will. In testimony whereof, I have hereunto set my handh and seal, this 31st day of January 1890. Signed….Rebecca Baird.
Witnessed by:
T.S. Morrison
J.M. Johnson.
Severally sworn and subscribed this 23rd day of may 1894. J.L. Cathey, CSC.

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