Baird, Hannah

ALOB, Vol. X #3, p. 89-25:
“p. 134.  9 Jan. 1849.  I, Hannah Baird, being of sound mind altho afflicted.  I will to my three dtrs. each as follows Mirah M. Vance, Sarah A. Smith & Mary A. Baird the girl Cherry which I give my dtr. Mirah M. Vance has died & I have paid her for said girl.  I give to my dtr. Sarah A. Smith my negro girl Mirah.  I give to my dtr. Mary A. Baird my negro girl Jane.  I also give  to my dtr. Mary A. Baird the following property, two beds & furniture, I leave my dtr. Mary A. Baird unprocted?, I feel it my duty give her something  extra therefore I will her my colored servant Milly.  I will to all my sons viz:  James E., Joseph C., Adolphus C., and my deceased sons John M.W.. & Andrew N. Baird my two boys Lands & Sandy to be equally divided amongst them, with the chn. of my decd. sons taking their father’ share.  I desire that the said negroe boys be retained in the family & not sold as they were given to my by my father.
I appoint Montraville Weaver as executor.
Wit; M.L. Wilson & M.M. Weaver..
Signed Hannah Baird..
Witnessed again by M.L. Wilson, Jurett & Lanette Baird..
Proved by the oath of M.L. Wilson this April term 1849..  M.M. Weaver qualified as executor..  A. Henry, clk.”

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