Baird, Bedent

ALOB, Vol. VIII #8, pp. 87-122 & 87-123:
“p. 79.  15 March 1833..  I, Bedent Baird, being of sound mind & memory. First I will that my executor pay my just debts from my estate.  I give unto my beloved wife Mary Anne in case she survive me a decent & comfortable support from my land during her natural life, with full & absolute right to all my household & kitchen furniture vest in her, with one horse, saddle and bridle, also full control of my negroes, Edward, Nancy, Adelia & Eliza and their issue during her natural life, after which I desire that said negroes and their issue as they may have from this time forward be equally divided between my sons Israel Baird & William R. Baird to share alike except the girl Eliza who then with issue goes to Wm. R. Baird exclusively.
     I give unto my son Israel Baird my five tracts of land lying on Beaver Dam Creek, including the place where he how lives, containing 800 acres more or less.  Subject to a charge to his brother James M. Baird as soon as said James shall have completed his studies and obtained a diploma or a reasonable time there after a good sufficient voucher for the payment of $500 to said James according to my will, also I give Israel negroes, Perry, Mingo & girl Clara with her issue forever.
     I give unto my dtr. Margaret R. Smith and her husband Samuel Smith two several notes of hand which I hold against him for the sum of $150 each & dated Sept. 9, 1923.  The other due two years from date and the interest due at my death, also one negro named Tilly and her child, now in possession of said Margaret.
     I give unto my son Wm. R. Baird all the tract of land whereon I now live containing 531 acres with my negroes, Joe, Henry, and Mary with her issue from this time forward.
     I give unto my son James M. Baird one negro boy named Lawson, one horse, saddle & bridle worth at least $60 with the payment of $500 from my son Israel Baird.
     I give unto my dtr. Jane Eliza Weaver wife of Montraville Weaver and her heirs forever two negroes girls & their issue after this date named, Lucy & Mehaly now in said Jane possession also $100 to be paid out of the estate.
     In case I outlive my wife, I desire that all the household & kitchen furniture be divided between my two dtrs. to share & share alike.
     The lands adjacent to the town of Asheville which is now the subject of a suit in Equity between the heirs of my brother Zebulan Baird and myself in the event of my recovering a moiety of said land as in right I should do I desire that the same be divided equally amongest my five children to share & share alike. 
I ordain & appoint my sons Israel & Wm. R. Baird as executors.
Wit; J.E. Baird & E.H. McClure.. 
Signed, Bedent Baird.. 
Proved in open court on oath of J.E. Baird & E.H. McClure this July Term 1841…”

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