Ayers, Garlint

from ALOB, Vol. VII, #1, p. 86-5:
“p.5  8 Sept. 1830..  I, Garlint Ayers, being in a low condition of health,  but of sound mind & memory.  The land I have a deed for I devise to my son Jeremiah and that my wife Amy to enjoy the use of the land during her life.
The land that I have a bond for I allow to my son James Ayers when it is paid for, and James to have the young horse.
After my debts are paid, I want my wife & chn. to have the balance of the property and at her death, all the property to be sold and the profits divided amongst all my children as follows, Levi, Moses, William & Epsolan to have five shillings each.  All the balance equally divided amongst the rest to wit; James, Morning, Jeremiah, Sally Baker and Meshack F…  I ordain William Dayton my friend as my executor to do my business, settle my debts and get a title for the aforesaid land..  Wit; Jeremiah X Hughes & Eli Bennet..  Signed, Garlint Ayers..  This will was proved in open Court & ordered recorded..  Executor was duly sworn..”

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