Arrington, James

from ALOB, Vol VII, #1, p. 86-5:
“p. 7  July Session 1831…  13 May 1831..  I, James Arrington, being in a  low state of health but in sound mind & memory and knowing that I have but  few days to live.
I desire that after my decease my beloved wife Milly Arrington to have the  land that we now live on, all my stock of every kind, and to remain her own  as long as she may live, and at her death to dispose of as she pleases also  the household furniture to remain hers as long as she may live.  I leave my  children no more than the law allows them..  Wit; Levi Bailey, Elizabeth X Franks..  Signed James Arrington..  Proved in open Court and recorded…”

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