Anderson, William

ALOB, Vol. X #10, p. 89-96:
“p. 181.  22 Feb. 1842..  I, William Anderson, being in good health and of a sound mind & memory.  I give to my beloved wife Martha all my household & kitchen furniture with one year provision for herself and for each child that may be with her including the dwelling house, orchard with the spring lying between the meeting house and Big Ivy, with all my stock & poultry during her natural life & at her death to be sold & divided.  I also desire that she should have the rent & profits from my farm that is on the South side of Big Ivy known as John Roberts place with the spring and timber for her support and confort[sic] from any of my lands..  I desire that my stock of horses, cattle, hogs & sheep to be sold after my death & the proceeds put out on interest diring[sic] my wife life time & she have the interest for her use & disposal..  I give to my son Albert G. Anderson the following tracts of land, one tract from George W. Anderson to me containing 100 acres, & a tract from the same to me for 69 acres and one from Garrett Deweese to me for 75 acres after his mother’s death by his paying to the rest of my children $1,000 to be equally divided amongst rest.  After the death of my beloved wife I desire that the money from the stock sale and the one thousand dollars paid by my son A.G. Anderson to be equally divided amongst my eight daughters viz: Stacy Deweese, Polly Dillingham, Nancy Gardner, Dorcas Wilson, Sally Ramsey, Martha, Susan & Catherine Eliza Anderson..  Also the property left in my wife’s possession to be sold and the money equally divided among my named dtrs..  I desire that my son A.G. Anderson have possession & title to the first two tracts of land after my death and after her death the house & lot after paying the estate the sum of $1,000..
I appoint my son Albert G. Anderson and N. Gardner as my executors..
Wit:  N. Blackstock & Jos. Barnard..
Signed William Anderson..
Proved in open court by the oath of N. Blackstock & Joseph Barnard in July & Oct. term 1856..  Court of Please & Quarter Sessions Oct. term 1857.  R.B. Vance, clk..”

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