Alexander, James

ALOB, Vol. IX #1, p. 88-10:
“p. 105.  18 Feb. 1844..  I, James Alexander, being of sound and perfect mind and memory.  I give unto my wife Rhoda a comfortable support of life on the plantation and negroes Jinny and Sam and Mary Jinny’s children during life and as much stock as will be a sufficient support, all household furniture. I also give my negro girl Jinny to my dtr. Roda at my wife decease and to my son George C. my negro Sam and for him to place on of equal value to my dtr. Betsy at my wife decease, also my negro girl Mary for the use of my dtr. Rachel so long as she remains in this country, if she removes from this country I give said negro to my son George C..  At the death of my wife I allow all my land to be sold and my just debts paid and I give out of said sale to my son Newton H. $600 and the balance of the land money to be equally divided between John C. and Robert S.  I also give my books to my son John C. and William D. and Newton H. to be equally divided among them and all the stock on hand at my wife death I give to my son George C.  I hereby make and ordain my sons George C. and Roberts S. executors.  Wit; George N. Alexander, Juratt..  Signed James Alexander.  This codicil to be take as part of my will viz.  Whereas I have given the worth of my negro Sam to my drtr. Betsy, I allow $100 out of his price to be paid to my dtr. Rachel over what I have allowed in my will I also give my waggon to my son Robert S. at my decease.
This 26 May 1844.. 
Wit; Geo. N. Alexancer, Juratt.. 
Signed James Alexancer.. 
April term 1845.  The foregoing will was proven by the oath of Geo. N. Alexander and admitted of Record..  N. Harrison, Clk..”

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