Abbott, William P. and Harriett E Bible

William P. and Harriett E. Abbott
Submitted by Mary Martha (Nieblas) Brown

The New Testament of Our Lord and Savior JESUS CHRIST
(Authorized Version) Copyright, 1899, by Louis Klopech

Family Register
Parents’ Names (Handwritten)
HUSBAND – W.P. Abbott
BORN – January the 7 1838
SON of Levi Abbot and Dosha Abbott
WIFE – Harriett E. Abbott
BORN – July the 16 1851
DAUGHTER of Noah Rhodarmer and Mary Ann Rhodarmer

W.P. Abbott and Harriett Elizabeth Abbott was married June the 2 1870
A.J. and Mary J. Shoop was married Sept 10th 1893
S.H. Miller and Caldonia was married Dec 25th 1898

Mary Jane Abbott was borned May the 26, 1871
Laura Abbott was borned January the 22 1874
John M. Abbott was borned January the 15 1877
Dosha Abbott was borned June the 20 1879
Lura Abbott was borned September the 13 1882
Bonnie Abbott was borned May 26 1887
Gracie Abbott was borned Oct 28 1909

Harriett Abbott died January the 19 1923
W.P. Abbott died December the 9 1931
Gracie died October the 3 1916
Bonnie Abbott died May the 12 1928
John M. Abbott died April 14, 1956
Laura Abbott died January 28, 1959
Lura died Dec 28, 1961

Source:  A Lot of Bunkum, October 1981, Vol. II, No. 10, p. 81-128

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