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  • DNA Testing at Family Reunions
    by Diahan Southard Lately, it seems to be very difficult to have any discussion on family history without mentioning three little letters: D-N-A. While family history enthusiasts and serious genealogists are flocking to testing companies like AncestryDNA to help them further their family history efforts, there are plenty of other individuals being tested who have […]
  • Creating Family Temple Traditions
    by Maddy Stutz Christmas Eve blanket forts and summertime puzzle building may not seem like the most meaningful of traditions, but in simple ways, these and other unique family traditions have brought me closer to the family that I adore, and I’m grateful for every loveable moment. Establishing family traditions that unite family members is […]
  • Streamlining Your Family History with Family Tree Lite
    In recent years, FamilySearch has added a variety of tools that can both enrich your tree and make your research experience faster and more productive. You can attach photos, list sources—and attach or link to them—submit names directly to the temple, use record hints, search partner sites, and more. FamilySearch’s Family Tree mobile app carries […]
  • How to Use Virtual Photo Storage
    by Ben Robison Photographs play an important role in preserving family stories. Where are you keeping yours? So many cloud-based photo storage options are available today that picking one can be a daunting task. Determining the best one depends on individual needs, but a few offer more features than just storage and thus stand out […]
  • Five Reasons to Digitize Your Family Photos
    by Logan Metcalfe Organizing and digitizing old boxes of photos is one of those jobs that most of us can do but that we seem never to get around to. Kind of like cleaning out our closets, it’s always something for another day. The key to digitizing your old memories is visualizing the benefits and […]
  • Setting the Record Straight: Ancestry and Your DNA
    [UPDATE] A quick update to this post. As I mentioned, we were working to clarify our Terms and Conditions language around the data rights – or license – you grant us when you take an AncestryDNA test. I’m happy to say that we have just posted the updates.] Ancestry has released updated Terms and Conditions. Read More
  • Liv Tyler: Resolving Conflicts
    While it’s not uncommon for details on various censuses to conflict, in the case of Liv Tyler’s Elliott ancestors, one such conflict hinted at hidden ancestry. While census records for George Elliott consistently recorded him as white, his father Robert Elliott was listed as mulatto in the 1870 census. Was this just an enumerator’s error Read More
  • John Stamos: Telling an Orphan’s Story
    After working with a genealogist, and making a whirlwind trip to Greece, John Stamos discovered his orphaned grandfather, Ioannis (John) Stamatopoulos, was only a baby when he lost his father to violence. With the help of experts, John learned the circumstances behind his great-grandfather, Vasilios’, death, and the struggles that his great-grandmother, Georgitsa, faced raising Read More
  • Mother’s Day is coming – Celebrate like a Genealogist
    Gifts inspired by family history are guaranteed to make the moms in your life feel special. That’s why one researcher at AncestryProGenealogists has turned family history-themed gifts into a tradition. “My parents can buy anything they want, but when I take the time to do something that’s personal to them, that’s what means the most,” Read More
  • AncestryDNA Reaches 4 Million Customers in DNA Database
    Ancestry has surpassed 4 million customers in our DNA database! We’re proud to remain the largest consumer genetic testing company. Here are some fun facts about AncestryDNA: From January to April 2017, AncestryDNA genotyped 1 million people. So, on average about two people took a DNA test every time there was a marriage in the United Read More
NC Archives News  Buncombe Register of Deed News
  • Digital Services Section New Staff Introduction Series
    Since the start of 2017, several new staff members have joined the Digital Services Section. All of us will be making regular blog posts on History For All the People, so we thought it would be nice for each of us to introduce ourselves, describe our roles in DSS, and preview the projects we’re working […]
  • Grand Opening: State Archives of North Carolina Store
    [This blog post was written by Vann Evans, Correspondence Archivist in the Collection Services Section of the State Archives of North Carolina.] To further its mission of providing access to North Carolina’s public records, the State Archives offers researchers the ability to request records and pay for reproductions from the comfort of their home. In […]
  • Lunch and Learn: Finding Your Ancestors
    On May 10-13, the National Genealogical Society (NGS) will hold its annual conference in Raleigh. To help participating genealogists prepare for their visit, the Department of Natural and Cultural Resources will host two Facebook Live sessions on its Facebook page. The “Lunch and Learn: Finding Your Ancestors” series will take place over two days: Wednesday, […]
  • Jack Benny USO Show Photographs, August 1945
    [This blog post was written by Matthew Peek, Military Collection Archivist for the State Archives of North Carolina.] The Military Collection at the State Archives of North Carolina would like to share an interesting find discovered while processing a new collection. Robert J. Pleasants of Wake County, North Carolina, served in the U.S. Navy from […]
  • Join Us for World War I Social Media Day on April 11
    The Smithsonian is coordinating a World War I social media day on April 11, 2017. On that day, they plan to host Q&As, pop quizzes, and other online events while joining with institutions like the Presidential Libraries and the National Park Service to post content related to World War I. A schedule of events is […]

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