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  • Temple and Family History Consultant Planner
    A Tool to Help You Prepare Successful Family History Experiences As a family history consultant, you facilitate one-on-one, heart-turning family history experiences. To make it simpler to prepare and deliver personalized lesson plans, the Family History Department has created an online tool called the “consultant planner.” Using the planner, any member can help others have […]
  • Temple Opportunity Hints
    Nothing connects you with your ancestors like helping them receive sacred, essential temple ordinances. To help as many patrons have this experience as possible, FamilySearch periodically conducts automated searches to identify potential ancestor ordinances that appear to be ready to be performed in the temple. You may receive an email from FamilySearch that shares such an […]
  • Simple Steps to Preserve Your Precious Family Memories
    Almost every family has a collection of papers and artifacts that provides glimpses into their family story. These collections can include anything from great-grandpa’s war medal to a 200-year-old original birth certificate to a photo the family took last summer. While most families intend to pass these items on to their children and their children’s children, the […]
  • Family History Preservation: Preserving Scrapbooks, Family Bible and Other Books
    One of the most treasured family history possessions a person can inherit is a family Bible, sometimes complete with a front page with family names and dates going back generations. A close contender for the best family history possession might be a family scrapbook that could contain a collection of newspaper articles, photos, school report […]
  • Family History Preservation: Preserving Audiovisual Material
    While documents and photos can provide valuable insights into the lives of our ancestors, audio and video recordings give an even fuller look at family members by communicating their personalities through voice and visuals. That’s why many families have at least a small stash of audiovisual media, including such items as cassette tape interviews of […]
  • Finding Roots Close to Home
    Lancaster, Pennsylvania has a long and storied past. It served as the United States capitol for a single day during the American Revolutionary War. Thaddeus Stevens and former United States president James Buchanan both called it home. I call Lancaster home, too. But for years, I considered myself a transplant. My mom hailed from the Read More
  • You’ve Never Seen Ireland Like This Before!
    Forget the bored tour guide with the memorized lines, and leave those dog-eared guidebooks behind! Are you ready for an epic tour through Ireland with an expert who can answer specific questions about your ancestors and the lives they led? For 11 days in late October, about 25 lucky travelers will have the opportunity to Read More
  • Smokey Robinson: Tracking a Common Name
    Motown legend Smokey Robinson grew up in Detroit, “Motor City”, and he remembered his maternal grandmother fondly, but he knew nothing about his maternal grandfather. Fortunately, his mother Flossie’s death certificate gave us both her parents’ names. His grandmother, who he knew as “Rivers”, was actually Ella Mae Warr. Unfortunately, his grandfather had the far Read More
  • Jessica Biel: Challenging Family Legends with Research and DNA
    Every family has a story, and often those stories are passed down from generation to generation. But what happens when a family’s story is not passed down? This proved to be the case with Jessica Biel, who recently uncovered a missing element to her Biel line’s story. Jessica grew up without knowing much about her Read More
  • Centennial Anniversary of WWI Battle of Vimy Ridge
    As the largest dominion in the British Empire, Canada entered the war when Britain declared war on Germany and her allies on August 4, 1914. Over the course of the next four years, Canada raised more than 600,000 men and women for service with the Canadian Expeditionary Force (CEF). The CEF was a citizen army. Read More
NC Archives News  Buncombe Register of Deed News
  • Jack Benny USO Show Photographs, August 1945
    [This blog post was written by Matthew Peek, Military Collection Archivist for the State Archives of North Carolina.] The Military Collection at the State Archives of North Carolina would like to share an interesting find discovered while processing a new collection. Robert J. Pleasants of Wake County, North Carolina, served in the U.S. Navy from […]
  • Join Us for World War I Social Media Day on April 11
    The Smithsonian is coordinating a World War I social media day on April 11, 2017. On that day, they plan to host Q&As, pop quizzes, and other online events while joining with institutions like the Presidential Libraries and the National Park Service to post content related to World War I. A schedule of events is […]
  • Women’s History Month: Ella Currie McKay
    [This blog post was written by Stephen C. Edgerton, who donated the collection to Private Collections, Special Collections Section, and is volunteering under the supervision of Fran Tracy-Walls, Private Manuscripts Archivist.] In Recognition of Women’s History Month (March 2017): Focus on Researching Women in History, from the McKay, McPherson, and McNeill Private Papers (PC.2144) Farmer’s […]
  • Women’s History Month: Carolista Baum
    [This blog post was written by Kim Andersen, Audio Visual Materials Archivist in the Special Collections Section of the State Archives of North Carolina.] Meet Carolista Baum, the woman credited with saving Jockey’s Ridge—the largest natural sand dune on the east coast. Carolista Baum was moved to activism when her children alerted her of construction […]
  • Sunshine Week 2017: Text and Instant Messaging Guidelines Update
    Originally posted on The G.S. 132 Files:
    The State Archives of North Carolina has released an update to its Best Practices for Electronic Communications Usage in North Carolina: Text and Instant Message document. Released in February 2017, this document is an update to the 2012 guidance document for state agencies using text and instant messages…

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