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  • How to Use FamilySearch’s Mobile Apps
    With FamilySearch’s two mobile apps (the FamilySearch Tree app and the Memories app), you can take your family history with you anywhere you take your phone! This makes it more convenient than ever to fit a few little family history tasks into even the busiest schedules. The first step, if you haven’t used FamilySearch before, […]
  • Creating Traditions That Make Family Memories
    by Cora Foley When you were young, family traditions probably seemed like something that happened naturally—and for you as a child, they probably did. Since you most likely were not involved in planning and carrying out these events year after year, the effort needed to create these traditions may not have been obvious to you. […]
  • How to Add Sources
    Since Family Tree is a collaborative tree and we all share the same ancestors, it’s important to verify the information you enter and provide sources to show others where your information came from. On FamilySearch’s Family Tree, now it’s easy to attach actual images of the sources. Here are the most common scenarios and some […]
  • How to Search the FamilySearch Site
    FamilySearch is bursting at the seams with great records—some of which almost certainly have new information about your family. Their digitized collections from across the world include church, vital, census, land, probate, military, and immigration records as well as many other types of records and histories that can help you uncover your family tree. How […]
  • What’s New on FamilySearch—February 2017
    Each month, FamilySearch publishes a list of new changes and updates to the website. This list includes changes to Family Tree as well as other parts of In some cases, these changes will also be published as individual articles where the need to do so exists.         Recently Released Search […]
  • Software MacKiev introduces FamilySync™
    Last year, we announced the purchase of Family Tree Maker desktop software by Software MacKiev and because we wanted to make the transition to a new owner as smooth as possible, we committed at least a year of customer and product support.  The goal has always been to maintain the capability to share your family Read More
  • Jennifer Grey: Restoring a Memory of a Grandfather
    Victorian author George Eliot (a.k.a., Mary Anne Evans) once wrote, “Our dead are never dead to us, until we have forgotten them.” Unfortunately for Jennifer Grey’s family, the identity of her mother’s grandmother was lost over the span of just one generation. Her episode on Who Do You Think You Are?  sought to restore her Read More
  • Explore “Cogsworth” Actor Ian McKellen’s Family History of Watch Makers
    Ian McKellen, an Oscar nominated actor known for his roles in The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit franchise, portrays Cogsworth in Disney’s new live-action film Beauty and the Beast. Similar to his time-keeping character, McKellen’s grand-uncle, Samuel Dunseith McKellen was a watch manufacturer. Samuel McKellen started his own watch manufacturing business in 1861. Read More
  • Julie Bowen: Investigating Patriotism and Fear
    When Julie Bowen began her Who Do You Think You Are? journey to learn more about her great-grandfather “Big Charlie,” she had learned that he served in World War I, but she was shocked when she learned what that service entailed. World War I was a major event in the history of the United States, Read More
  • Courteney Cox: Somebody Would Have Been Screaming It from the Rooftops if We Had Been Royals
    When family history research leads to a royal line, often the focus is on only the names and royal relations. Too little time is spent investigating the actual lives of these royals and nobles whose DNA may be found within us. But by focusing only on the who, we miss out on the what, where, Read More
NC Archives News  Buncombe Register of Deed News
  • Women’s History Month: Carolista Baum
    [This blog post was written by Kim Andersen, Audio Visual Materials Archivist in the Special Collections Section of the State Archives of North Carolina.] Meet Carolista Baum, the woman credited with saving Jockey’s Ridge—the largest natural sand dune on the east coast. Carolista Baum was moved to activism when her children alerted her of construction […]
  • Sunshine Week 2017: Text and Instant Messaging Guidelines Update
    Originally posted on The G.S. 132 Files:
    The State Archives of North Carolina has released an update to its Best Practices for Electronic Communications Usage in North Carolina: Text and Instant Message document. Released in February 2017, this document is an update to the 2012 guidance document for state agencies using text and instant messages…
  • Women’s History Month: Mary Bayard Morgan Wootten
    [This blog post was written by Kim Andersen, Audio Visual Materials Archivist in the Special Collections Section of the State Archives of North Carolina.] It’s Women’s History month! Today we highlight photographer Bayard Wootten. Mary Bayard Morgan Wootten (1875–1959) was an American photographer and pioneering suffragist born in New Bern, N.C. Also a competent painter, […]
  • Alfred Fowler and the Vietnam War
    [This blog post was written by Matthew Peek, Military Collection Archivist for the State Archives of North Carolina.] In honor of Black History Month, the Military Collection at the State Archives of North Carolina wants to feature one of its most important collections from the Vietnam War—the Alfred Fowler Papers. Alfred Fowler was born on […]
  • PC2124: Slave Deed of Gift of Sam
    [This blog post was written by Fran Tracy-Walls, Private Collections Archivist, of the Special Collections Section of the State Archives of North Carolina.] Private Collections (PCs) are an important source for researchers seeking not only genealogical information, but also important context for understanding family, social, and economic history. Likewise, PCs are an especially valuable resource for […]

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