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  • Are You Ready for Pioneer Jeopardy?
    by Sydny Terry The Higgs family crowds around the biggest window in the living room, the smell of barbeque wafting through the air. There are about 36 papers taped to the window in six different categories, and underneath each category are numbers: 100, 200, 300, and so on, much like a board from the classic […]
  • Seven Ways to Preserve and Share Your Family Story Today
    by Rachel Coleman Our family stories are complex dramas with many threads, villains and heroes, hard times and good times. How do we capture the richness of our stories with all their vitality and uniqueness? How do we convey the deep desires, the devastating setbacks and the celebrated triumphs? Preserving these narratives for future generations […]
  • How Project Instructions Helped Me Learn to Index
    By Kathryn Grant When you start a new indexing batch, the project instructions immediately open on the screen. And there’s a good reason for this! These instructions just might be one of the most helpful resources for new indexers—and all other indexers, for that matter. Project instructions tell you the key things you need to […]
  • Engaging in Family History with Early Pioneer Recipes
    Early pioneers are an important part of our personal stories and family history. Whether your great-grandfather traveled with a handcart company or you yourself are an immigrant, pioneers pave the way for the generations to come. Pioneer stories open a window to the past, revealing people not so different from ourselves. One fun way to […]
  • How to Make the Most of Your Free Ancestry LDS Account
    For decades Ancestry has been a leader in the family history arena. Today it is the largest commercial family history research site. With 20 billion records from 80 countries and 80 million family trees boasting 8 billion names, Ancestry has something to offer just about everyone. A partnership between Ancestry and FamilySearch allows members of […]
  • Go Fishing with Cousin Bait
    Are you making it easy for cousins and fellow genealogists to find your family photos in an Ancestry online photo gallery? Genealogy bloggers often use “cousin bait” to catch relatives searching the internet for family names, but did you know that Ancestry Public Member Trees can help catch cousins too? What is “cousin bait” and Read More
  • Enhancing Collaboration and Roles on DNA Results
      As the AncestryDNA service has grown, we are increasingly hearing about families taking DNA tests together. Family members want easier and more powerful ways to collaborate with each other to make discoveries in their family story, all while still maintaining control and privacy of their own information. We recently made some changes that allow Read More
  • How Did Your Ancestors Shape Our Nation’s History?
    As we celebrate the founding of this great nation, many will wonder, “What role did my ancestors play in establishing the freedoms we enjoy today?” You may be surprised by what you discover. As a nation, we honor the founding fathers, who risked their lives and liberty to declare our independence, but many others contributed Read More
  • RootsMagic brings Ancestry Features to their Desktop Software
    Last year, we announced we were working with RootsMagic™, a leading desktop genealogy application, to allow Ancestry® subscribers to connect their Ancestry accounts to the RootsMagic software. Since that time, Ancestry has developed a new technology to integrate Ancestry Hints® and Ancestry’s records and online trees with RootsMagic products. Today, RootsMagic launches a free update Read More
  • Make Misspellings Work For You
    Often, beginning genealogists miss their ancestors by sticking too firmly to the idea that “that’s not how my family spelled their name, so it can’t be my ancestor.” This statement ignores these basic truths: 1) Ancestors who were illiterate would have no idea how to spell their own name, let alone how someone else should Read More
NC Archives News  Buncombe Register of Deed News
  • New Digital Collection: The General Assembly Session Records
    The General Assembly Session Records collection is now available online via the North Carolina Digital Collections. This collection features records of early North Carolina state legislatures from the State Archives of North Carolina. The documents consist of bills and resolutions, petitions, committee reports, messages from the governor, legislative messages, tally sheets, election certificates, resignations, and […]
  • A New Look for the State Archives Website
    Changes are coming to the State Archives of North Carolina website! This summer our staff will begin working with IT professionals to get our website ready to move to a new platform. While we are moving content, you will see some changes to our current website including warning banners. While these changes may be an […]
  • Lillian Exum Clement Stafford Papers, PC.2084
    [This blog post was written by Fran Tracy-Walls, Private Manuscripts Archivist in the Special Collections Section.] Announcement of Lillian Exum Clement Stafford Papers, PC.2084, and Tribute to Exum, the American South’s First Female State Representative, and to her Father I am very pleased to announce that the Lillian Exum Clement Stafford Papers, PC.2084, are now […]
  • Digital Services Section New Staff Introduction Series
    Since the start of 2017, several new staff members have joined the Digital Services Section. All of us will be making regular blog posts on History For All the People, so we thought it would be nice for each of us to introduce ourselves, describe our roles in DSS, and preview the projects we’re working […]
  • Friends of the Archives Hosts “North Carolina and WWI” Event June 19
    [This blog post comes from a Dept. of Natural and Cultural Resources press release. You can find other press releases on] Raleigh, N.C. – One hundred years ago, America entered the Great War and thousands of North Carolinians answered the call to serve their country at home and overseas. To commemorate the centennial of […]

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