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We are excited about our new genealogy books focused on Western North Carolina – now available in our bookstore! All proceeds of these book sales go to the support of our library and website so your purchases will benefit the Society for years to come.

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If you have any questions about the new books or our surplus auction books, please call us at 828-253-1894.

Here is the list of the latest books for sale:

“Children of Israel Revisited” by Kenneth Davidson Israel, Ph.D. (1981, 2018). This is a recently updated version of Dr. Israel’s earlier 1981 publication on the Israel family of Western North Carolina.  It contains many additions and corrections, as well as family pictures.  Index, illustrated, sb, 630 pgs. Price: $45.00, NC Tax: $3.15, P&H: $5.00, Item # E-28.

 “The Family of Mattus Peter Gottlieb Barringer (aka John Peter Barringer) of Cabarrus, Rowan & Stanly Counties, North Carolina” by Douglas P. Sigmon and Larry O. Nichols, Sr. (2018).  This book presents a comprehensive and well researched study of John Peter Barringer and his descendants. Index, sb, 311 pgs. Price: $30.00, NC Tax: $2.10, P&H: $4.00, Item # A-19.

 “All Roads Lead to Haywood County, North Carolina, Vol. II, The Silver and Related Families” by Audrey Hawkins Gowing (2005). The author died before publishing this genealogy on her mother’s family, and her daughter, Sharon, brought the book to OBCGS to edit and publish. It chronicles the family of George Silver (b. 1753, d. 1839 in Mitchell Co., NC and md. Nancy Griffith) and his descendants, as well as collateral families: Taylor, Hawkins, Carroll, DuVall, Ferguson, Greenbury, Griffith, Lovingood, MacCubbin, Murray, Owen, and Radcliff. Includes transcribed family documents such as wills and bounty warrants. Extensive bibliography. Index, illustrated, sb, 277 pages. Price: $29.99, NC Tax: $2.10, P&H: $4.00, Item # A-20.

 “Skyland and its Founder” by Sandra Harrison Samz (2018). Skyland was established in 1887 by Otis A. Miller.  The book traces the evolution of this area of southern Buncombe County before and after that date and explores the influence of the families who lived there during its development. It also addresses the question of why and how a man from MN had such an impact on this area. Contains some land plats. Illustrated, index, sb, abt. 110 pgs. Price: $24.99, Tax: $1.75, P&H: $4.00

“Haywood County, NC Court Records, Vol. I (1809-1815)” abstracted by Ann Marie Broadbent (2018). This book provides abstracted court records from microfilm of the original pages from the Court of Pleas & Quarter Session Minutes included in the first two books of Haywood County court records. They contain jury lists, road crews, deed registrations, estate filings, etc.  Index, sb, abt. 153 pgs. Price: $24.99, Tax: $1.75, P&H: $4.00  

“BRYSON: Families and History to 1800s” (2002) by Ronald Howell Bryson. A genealogical study of the Bryson surname, & some variants, from ancient times until the mid 1800s. The book includes various family lines, immigration lists & census material to 1850. Illustrated, 594 pg. hb, Price: $54.99, Tax: $3.85, P&H: $5.00

“Haywood Co, NC – William Sitton’s Store Ledger: Haywood County, North Carolina 1829-1844” (2018) Transcribed by Ann Marie Broadbent (2018). William Sitton operated a general store in Haywood Co, NC in the 1830s. This is a transcription of the transactions made in the store including the names of the purchasers, the items sold and prices. Contains a glossary of unfamiliar terms and a short biography of William Sitton. 242 pg., sb, index. Price: $24.99 NC Tax: $1.75, P&H: $5.00

“The Biddix Family – A Legacy That Endures”, by Randy Biddix (2016). Winner of the 2017 Foster A. Sondley Book Award for family genealogy, the book covers the first three to four generations of the Bittick/Biddix family who came from Pennsylvania and settled in North Carolina. The author also focuses on his own specific line, but anyone related to the earlier ancestors will find this book interesting and helpful. Biddix went to great lengths to travel to many locations to retrieve records, pictures and stories to fill out the details of his ancestor’s lives. He writes in easy to read prose and did an admirable job in finding personal stories, official documents and pictures illustrating the life events of his ancestors. Softbound, beautifully illustrated, sourced and includes a full name index. 434 pgs., Price: $36.99, NC Tax: $2.59, P&H: $5.00.

“Train Man – A Memoir of Ewald Carl Kirstein”, by Elaine Spicer Friebele (2017). In a humorous and engaging memoir, the author describes the life and times of her grandfather, a Southern Railway engineer and physically active farmer. Ewald Kirstein was born to German immigrants in 1889 in Black Mountain, NC. They left secure jobs in Philadelphia to come to North Carolina in 1886 where land was plentiful and the promise of independent living was a powerful draw. The author tells the story of how Ewald grew up loving the natural environment all around him and eventually living the adventurous life of a railroad employee and raising a family in the mountains. She writes with fond memories and funny stories to flesh out the bigger-than-life story of her grandfather, describing the crushing death of his only son and the many duties of a railroad man. Railroad enthusiasts, Western North Carolina genealogists, historians and many more will enjoy reading this book. It is softbound with wonderful family photos, many sources and an index. 131 pgs., Price: $19.99, NC Tax: $1.40, P&H: $4.00.

“Clark Families of Laurens & Montgomery Counties, GA and Their Cousins in VA, NC, SC, & AL”,  by Sandra Harrison Samz (2017). This book represents  many years of research into four Clark families of Laurens and Montgomery Counties, GA who descend from a common ancestor with other Clarks from VA, NC, SC and AL.  There is strong evidence that they originated in the area of Brunswick Co., VA in the mid 1600’s.  Book also includes a chronological record listing with sources.  Sb, index, 256 pgs, Price:  $40.00, NC Tax:  $2.80, P&H:  $5.00.

“Nesbitt’s Chapel United Methodist Church, History and Cemetery Records”, by Agnes Lyle Ownbey, (2017). Winner of the 2017 Bob Terrell Book Award for local history, this book covers the history of Nesbitt’s Chapel, contains a large section devoted to the pastors who served the church over the years and contains an in-depth survey of the church cemetery.  Illustrated, full name index, 100 pgs., sb, Price:  $25.00, NC Tax:  $1.75, P&H: $4.00

“Edward West Briggs & Laura Josephine Proffitt”, by E. Virginia Sheppard Latham, (2017). This book was written by the great granddaughter of this couple and contains information on both their ancestors and their descendants.  Illustrated and family stories included.  91 pgs, index, sb. Price:  $20.00, NC Tax:  $1.40, P&H:  $4.00

“Jonas Jenkins, Sr. Family of WNC”, by Merrell Jenkins Riddle, Ed.D, (2017). After years of research into her Jenkins family, the author is publishing a series of 7 volumes on the family.  The first four volumes are still in the works.  This Jenkins family originated in VA but Jonas settled in Macon County.

  • “Vol. IV, John Jenkins Family”, This volume covers the descendants of Jonas Jenkins’ son, John Jenkins b. c 1805.  The book contains an extensive descendant list, a documents section, source list, and acknowledgement section.  Full name index. illustrated, sb, 383 pages. Price: $40.00 NC Tax: $2.80, P&H: $5.00
  • “Vol. V, Thomas Jenkins Family”, This volume covers the descendants of Jonas Jenkins’ son, Thomas Jenkins. b. 1826 Haywood Co, NC.  The book contains, an extensive descendant list, a documents section, source list, and acknowledgement section.  Full name index. illustrated, sb, 289 pages. Price: $30.00, NC Tax: $2.10, P&H: $5.00
  • “Vol. VI, Peter Andrew Jenkins Family”, This volume covers the descendants of Jonas Jenkins’ son, Peter Andrew Jenkins. b. 1828 Haywood Co, NC.  The book contains, an extensive descendant list, a documents section, source list, and acknowledgement section.  Full name index. illustrated, sb, 200 pages. Price: $25.00. NC Tax: $2.10, P&H: $5.00
  • “Volume VII: Nancy Edith Jenkins and Charles “Dock” Jenkins Family”. This volume covers the descendants of Jonas Jenkins’ daughter, Nancy Edith Jenkins (b. c 1814/17) who md. Alexander Nichols. It also includes Jonas’ son, Charles “Dock” Jenkins who md. Mary Mae “Polly” Nichols.  The book contains an extensive descendant list, a documents section, source list, and acknowledgement section. Full name index, illustrated, sb, 288 pages. Price: $30.00 NC Tax: $2.10 P&H: $5.00

“Buncombe County Court Records, Volume 5” – edited by Sandra Samz (2017). Winner of the 2017 Albert McLean Book Award for genealogical records, this book has over 250 pages of records from the Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions covering July 1854 through October 1859.  This court met quarterly and handled all the business of the county. 307 pages. Full name index. Price: $54.99, NC Tax: $3.85, P&H: $5.00

“Minutes of the Quarterly Conference Methodist Church South, Holston Conference, Swannanoa Circuit” – transcribed by Sandra Samz and edited by Ruth Dilling (2017). Abstract of minutes of quarterly conferences for group of Methodist churches in Buncombe and Henderson counties between 1879 and 1897. Numerous deaths, baptisms, church enrollments, conference officials and participants reported. 107 pgs., sb, index. Price $24.99, NC Tax: $1.75. P&H: $4.00


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