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Hawkins Ancestry, Lucian Holt Felmet, Jr.’s – OBCGS

Hawkins Ancestry, Lucian Holt Felmet, Jr.’s

Lucian Holt Felmet, Jr.’s HAWKINS ANCESTRY
I. Benjamin Hawkins married (___) Chambers and was on the 1800 Census for Buncombe Co., NC

II. John Hawkins (b. 27 Jul 1792; d. 6 Feb 1857) married Mary/Polly Smith (b. 25 Nov 1795; d. 16 Mar 1872). John was a child on 1800 Census for Buncombe Co., NC

III. W. Albert Hawkins (b. 24 July 1820; d. 18 Oct 1887) married Nancy Eveline Jones (b. 23 Feb. 1827; d. 1 Dec 1880)

IV. Ellen Hawkins (b. 23 Jan 1847 Buncombe Co., NC; d. 11 Apr 1927 Buncombe Co., NC) married Andrew Hamel Felmet (b. 10 Nov. 1847; d. 20 Mar 1825)

V. Claude Lucian Felmet (b. 16 Apr 1874 Buncombe Co., NC; d. 5 Apr 1946 Buncombe Co., NC) married Lillian Estelle Moore (b. 15 Sept 1875,Henderson Co, NC; d. 3 Dec 1956, Burke Co., NC)

VI. Lucian Holt Felmet, Sr. (b. 11 Apr 1907, Buncombe Co., NC; d. 7 Sept. 1983,Wake Co., NC) married Mary Louise Roberson (b. 16 Apr 1909 Buncombe Co., NC)

VII. Lucian Holt Felmet, Jr. (b. 8 Mar 1946, Wake Co., NC) married 16 June 1973, Harnett Co. NC

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