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Bird Bible

Bird Bible
(This is taken from a family Bible in the possession of the family of W.S Bird or Byrd, lately of Union County, GA.   W.S. Bird died about 1946, was the son of Jonathan Bird and Grandson of Clark Bird.  His name was William Sevier Bird and he was about 75 years old when he died.)
Jonathan Bird
 b.    Jan 22, 1764
 d.    July 12, 1848    married   Jan. 9, 1798 Angelica Banning Bird
 b.     Apr 26, 1775
 d      Oct.  5, 1863   Second son of this marriage was Clark Bird ( the first born son is not mentioned)
Clark Bird
 b.      Dec. 18, 1800
 d.      ?     Married   Dec. 7, 1820 Polly Curtis (Bird)

( In this Family Bible was also the entry: “George Curtis, June 13, 1839″ )
children of Clark and Polly Bird were:

sons:   John Williamson Bird (preacher)
 Joshua Bird (m. Sophronia Wilde)
 Asbury Bird
 Harvey Bird
 Benjamin Bird
 Jonathan Bird (father of William Sevier Bird)
 Jesse Bird

 Mary Ann Bird (m. Barney Wilde)
 Betty Bird (m. Duvall)
 Lou Bird (m. Burnett)

Asbury Bird Bible:
 Richard Bird was born August 27, 1769; died July 26,1856, age 86 yrs.
  10 months, 29 days”
 Elizabeth Bird was born April 22, 1786, and departed this life May 23, 1853, age 73 yrs.,
  1 month, 1 day.”
 Children of Rev. Richard and Elizabeth Bird
 a.  Matilda Bird, b Jan 31, 1795
 b.  Lucinda, b. Feb. 16, 1800
 c. Nelson, b. Dec 4. 1801
 d. Eliza b. Nov 13, 1804
 e. Wilson Lee Bird b. Apr 5, 1804
 f.  Susan Selena, b. Apr 5, 1807
 g. Caroline, b. 1811
 h. Sintha, b.  Sep 27, 1814   d.   May 8, 1831
 i.  Francis Asbury, b. June 3, 1816   d, Sep 25, 1898 age 83
 j.  Albert J., b. Jun 3, 1816   d. June 26, 1882
 k. Elvira, b. Dec 8, 1818
 l   Richard, b. Apr 17, 1821

    Unidentified entries
 a.  James W. S., b. Jun 21, 1847   d. Oct. 28, 1849
 b.  Wills H. Bird, b. Oct. 16, 1848
 c.  John T. Bird, b. May 10, 1850
 d.  William A., b. May 5, 1852
 e.  Connelly, b. Jan 28, 1753
 f.  Joseph C. B. Mar 13, 1856

 Eliza ( see d above) married William Moffitt
  1. James
  2. John
  3. Jesse
  4. Wilson, m. Mattie White
  5. Anthony m. Nora Gilbert
  6. Goerge, m. (1st) Ida Morrow .


          m. (2nd) Claire Elmore

Pauline m. Goerbe Gunn
Osborne m. Shirley Nanney
Thelma m Dewey Cline
Latha m Paul Poovey
Harry m Violet Moffitt
Christine m Robert Angel
Flake m Catherine Bryson
Mildred m. Elmo Elliot
Dorothy m. Frank Watkins

  7. Lily m Sila Nannau
  8. Jerome m ? Mills
  9. Lee m.  Belle Gamble
  10. Tell m. Ester Dowell
  11. Gladys m William Hanes
  12.  Garnet

transcribed by Bettie Allbright

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